Indie Blast

Are you an indie developer and have an interesting project?

Then Indie Blast is a great opportunity to demonstrate your game on your personal booth!


The Best Conference Game

$1 000

Games Gathering gives $ 1,000 to the winner

What is Indie Blast?

Indie Blast is an exhibition for indie projects where different teams can get their booths and opportunity to:

  • • present their game to the public and media,
  • • attract the attention of publishers and investors,
  • • get feedback from players and colleagues,
  • • take part in Indie Blast Awards nominations

and just expand the circle of useful contacts!

How to participate in the Indie Blast?

• fill out an application for participation in a timely manner, wait for confirmation of the application from the indie coordinator (within 3 days)

• get any ticket


An approved application and ticket availability guarantee the team an online stand to participate in Indie Blast for all conference days.

Priority in choosing the stand and the day of exposure is given to the teams that sent the application earlier.

Application Deadline October 1st, 2022

What is the Indie Blast Awards?

Indie Blast Awards is a competition of game projects in various categories and it's held among the participants of the Indie Blast exhibition. According to the opinion of the professional industry jury, the best projects will win in several nominations and get valuable prizes from organizers and sponsors.

How to attend the Indie Blast Awards?

  • • Fill out the participant’s application in a timely manner, wait for confirmation from the indie coordinator (within 3 days)
  • • get any ticket


Ratings in all nominations are set by a remote jury

Playable demos of games to evaluate the jury must be sent out no later than October 1st, 2022

Confirmed application and purchased ticket guarantee the team participation in the Indie Blast Awards

Prizes are awarded on the last day of the conference at the award ceremony.

Application Deadline October 1st, 2022

Project submission deadlines:

Until October 1st, 2022 the team has to :

  • • submit a preliminary application for participation in the conference, you must send all the data on your project and buy tickets;
  • • send the final version of the project, which will be evaluated by the conference jury.

Indie Blast jury

Andrea Dzurdzikova

Game Designer & Writer at Nine Rocks Games. She is always fascinated by how story can influence other people and the way it can lead readers and players minds for maximal immersion.

Jakub Trancik

"Jakub has been leading Game Design, Analytics, and Project management teams in Gaming, focusing on business intelligence and monetization of top-grossing mobile games. His passion is game product design, systems design, sustainable Play-and-Earn implementations, and data-informed design and evaluation. He has been leading a data-driven transformation in dozens of teams and companies (including worldwide Top-10 grossing Free-to-Play and Blockchain titles), driving the change to achieve the greatest potential of their projects."

Jozef Vanco

For 8 years in the game development industry, Jozef worked for companies like Pixel Federation, Fatbot Games, Bitmap Galaxy, Airo Games and SuperScale. Currently working as a PR Guy at Hemisféra.

Matúš Štrba

Editor in chief at

Tomas Kleinmann

For 5 years in the mobile industry, Tomáš worked for companies like Pixel Federation, Madfinger Games and Powerplay Studio. Currently working on multiple projects as a game and monetization designer at Superscale.

Ivan Kovalov

Solo indie developer with a passion for innovations. Two times winner of Google Indie Games Festival, two times winner of indie prize for most innovative game on Casual Connect, excellence in game design prize on DevGAMM, best mobile game on CEEGA and others. He's been in game development industry for more than 5 years.

Elena Lobova

"Game development industry professional with strong understanding of emerging technologies and their commercial applications, as well as international business expertise. Co-founder & CBDO at GDBAY, Founder at ACHIEVERS HUB. Ex-CEO, ex-COO of game development company iLogos. Co Founder of Get IT! Conference."

Oleksiy Izvalov

Regional coordinator of Global Game Jam in the Eastern Europe, PhD in Control processes automation, Associate professor of the Information Technology department of Kropyvnytskyi National Aviation University Flight Academy. Using game development to involve students into the IT. In game development since 2010.

Sasha Lehenchenko

Senior Game Designer. Participates in the development of World of Tanks as a game designer and project owner/feature owner/design owner. She's been in game development industry for more than 6 years. She started her career in the casual genre (HOPA), and has been working at Wargaming (World of Tanks, World of Warplanes) for the past 5 years. Experienced in narrative design, game event design, meta game, f2p project management, and project/feature management from concept to post release.

Volodymyr Mysnyk

Head of development at a game outsourcing company PlayToMax. Manages development teams, processes and RND projects. He's been in game development for more than 6 years, during which he managed to work as a QA, Game Designer and Project Manager. He also hosts a podcast for gamers and game developers - Early Access.

Andrii Roscha

Andriy worked as a concept artist for companies like Mind Link, ERS Games Studios, Shaman Games. Currently working as a concept artist at Frogwears.


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