Conference security measures

We are well aware that the epidemiological situation in our country is not perfect.
Our visitors safety is our priority and, therefore, we take unprecedented measures while organizing Games Gathering Odessa, namely:

  • Each conference visitor receives a set of masks and a set of gloves at the entrance. Please use them for your and others safety and do not forget to change used items.
  • All lecture halls and conference rooms will be disinfected several times on the conference day. 
  • At the entrance to the conference premises, a disinfecting framework will be installed through which each conference  visitor will repeatedly pass. 
  • Hand sanitizers will be located in each conference room.
  • While registering for the conference, each visitor undergoes temperature screening. A visitor who has a fever will not be allowed to attend the conference because the fever may be caused by a respiratory infection or other serious illness.
  • The number of conference visitors will correspond to the sanitary standards – 1 person per 10 m2 of the total area on which the event is held.
  • Each lunch for each participant will be packed in an individual box in accordance with all sanitary standards.
  • Rows of chairs in the lecture halls will be placed at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

Please note that due to new security measures, we are forced to limit the visitors number.
We ask you to follow all precautions for the sake of your and others health.
Take care of yourself and be careful!


Demo zone

Novella Wacom company organizes a demo zone at our conference, where each visitor can draw on digital devices. Also, guests of the Games Gathering Conference will be able to participate in the digital drawing contest. The theme of the competition is “Game Legend”, in which you need to draw one of the legendary game characters on a Wacom device in 30 minutes. The author of the best work will receive a super prize from Wacom – Wacom Intuos graphics tablet.


Career Wall

In case you are searching for talented employees at the conference, than placing your openings on the Career Wall is a must!

Games Gathering’s HR Partner VALUES VALUE company will help you with placing your ads and will advise all candidates who will become interested in your offers.
Please contact us at to submit your entries.

We want your hunting at the Conference to be successful so we have prepared some recommendations on effective vacancy ads composing. You will also find key ad requirements there.

One vacancy price is $50.

Our sponsors are allowed to place a number of vacancies for free (quantity depends on the sponsor package).


Pine app

PINE meeting application will help you to build stronger relationships at conference. Download PINE mobile event app and book face-to-face meetings or find the most valuable attendees in seconds. Application interactive event maps it is easy way to find required hall and lecture you are interested about. Event notifications will keep you in the know with continuous conference or event updates.


Beer point

Games Gathering conference will open the traditional zone of draft beer for all visitors for free.

Good mood and lukewarm beer will help you to communicate and to make new friends.


Shop by Niko Firm

At the Niko Firm booth, you can purchase cool branded T-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories designed specifically for Games Gathering.
Do not miss the opportunity to get a cool merch conference, as well as get acquainted with Niko Firm, which create unique premium quality clothing for corporate clients. They develop and produce a completely individual product from scratch.
Employees of, Vizor Games, Playgendary, Mail.Ru Group and many others are pleased to wear stylish and unique design clothes from Niko Firm.

More information about the company:


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