Kyril Shabordin

CTO, Social Quantum

43, 172, 105, 17, brown eyes, married, don’t smoke, don’t drink, can draw shadows.

Artem Petrov

Team Lead Persha Studia (Wargaming.net)

Likes that everything works. Even more likes to do so that everything works. Automatically, of course, and without his participation in the future. Because he loves to rest even more.

Eugene Shevchenko

Game Designer in Gameloft

Eugene Shevchenko started as a producer for a small WAP project (that failed miserably). Then – to browser and mobile platforms as a game designer. Now finding himself in systems and balance design.

Eugene will advise you how not to lose the last bit of self-confidence and self-respect in such harmful process as a production work-flow – the short story of 1 game designer.

Oleg Pridiuk

Evangelist, King

Oleg Pridiuk travels around the world and talks about games industry, so is often referred as an industry evangelist. He is now part of King’s team working on the Defold game engine, so is often referred as King evangelist. He was one of the first Unity Technologies employees, and… you’ve guessed the evangelist part, right?

Alexey Gulev

CEO in Potato Jam.

Itai Edry

Super Casual Games Product Owner in Tab Tale

Leading TabTale’s super casual games publishing business, managing developer relations and working with developer partners across the globe to create successful games, and just as important, successful relationships.
Designing super casual games created internally, from concept to execution.
Working closely with artists, animators, producers and engineers to guide them in developing the game during all production stages.
Navigating games across functional teams from legal, finance, marketing, R&D, project management, analytics, UA and store relationships.

Yurii Liapin

Art Team Lead, Playrix

6 years in the industry in the role of Timlida and project manager. Currently in the role of Art team lead in the company Playrix on the project Township.

Vyacheslav Makarov

Head of R&D, Wargaming.net

Creator of the World of Tanks.

Marius Ivanovas

Head of Global Performance Division, Twitter

I am high‐performing, strategic‐thinking digital business professional with more than twelve years’ experience in digital and performance marketing field. My passion is the space where marketing meets technology and math.

Yaraslau I. Kot

Business Advisors, Business School IPM/Heroes’ Guild

PhD, MBA, MPsy, a member of the International Game Developers Association. International expert, researcher and game developer. Author of more than 100 books and articles. Invited with lectures on games at thematic events in many different countries.

Alexey Uslavtsev

Executive Producer, Room 8

Former producer and studio head at Gameloft. Currently an Executive Producer at Room 8. Passionate game developer who can’t imagine his live without making great games.

Ivan Malyshev

Technical Lead, Fishing Planet LLC

I am a Developer, Architect, Team Lead, Scrum Master and Project Manager with over 20 years of experince in Software Development industry, spent last 3+ years in GameDev.

Nickolay Armonik

Technical director, Easy Team [Stark Games]

In the industry since 2000. The author of the game “Discord Times”, the technical director of the games “Legends of Eisenwald” (Aterdux), “Family Age” (Easy Team). A big fan of his own graphics engines and huge shaders.

Sergey Melnik

Client Tech Lead, Co-founder, Fishing Planet

I’m engaged in programming from 10 years. Before getting into gamedev I worked for many years in large outsourcing companies. I like to study and apply new technologies.

Marta Dettlaff

Concept Artist, CD Projekt Red

Concept Artist at CD Projekt RED in Kraków, Poland, was working on projects like “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, both expansions packs “The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine”, “The Witcher 3 – Hearts of Stone” and “Gwent: The Witcher Card Game”.

Dmitry Teplinsky

Lead Cinematic Artist, Frogwares

Specializes in the creation of cinematics for computer games. He adores creativity, can not imagine his life without him, and the game industry helps him, throwing constantly something interesting. The goal is constant growth and development in all spheres of life, especially in the field of creativity and relations with people. And, of course, he tries with joy to share his knowledge.

Roman Guro


In the gaming industry since 2001. Since 2010, the tutor of the online course in Drawing and Digital Painting and the course of Concept Art (GUROED.COM). The main directions: Art-directing, creation and control of the visual style of the project, character design, illustration, traditional and digital painting, 3D modeling, texturing. 2015-2016 Art Lead in the studio King Ltd (Activision-Blizzard), Singapore. From 2011 to 2014 Art director of the studio Nival in Ukraine. Prior to this, one of the founders and creators of the studio CREOTEAM and projects COLLAPSE and COLLAPSE: The Rage. From 2002 to 2004 he worked in Germany with Crytek GmbH on the project FarCry. He took part in famous gaming projects, including Prime World, Defenders, Etherlords, FarCry, Tanki on-line, Perimeter, Heroes of Might and Magic V, Time Zero, Berserk, Maelstrom, Duke Nukem: Endangered Species and others.

Andrey Sibiryakov

3d facial animator, 4A Games

Cycling everyday. Playing Mafia once a week. Hiking once a month.

Alexander Shapovalov

ART Director, IDA Games, Vostok Games

Has been working in the gaming industry for more than 6 years. He has a great experience in creating graphics for the development of game art and optimizing the workflow. He worked on such projects as World of Tanks: Xbox one Edition, Survarium, The Walking Deads, Dispatcher, Outscape, etc.

Dmitriy Bazilevich

Ukraine Country manager, Wargaming

Ukraine Country manager in the company Wargaming, the total experience in the IT industry – 16 years, 10 of them in the field of marketing communications and business development.

Alexei Korogodin

Co-Founder, Game Designer Cuffs

Aleksandr Pashin

Co-Founder, Game Designer Cuffs

Jama Jurabaev

Concept Artist at Industrial Light & Magic, London

Mohammed Fahmi

CEO, Babil Games

MJ Fahmi CEO of Babil Games, being featured on INC Arabia magazine as one of the key people of gaming in Middle east, and securing the biggest investment for gaming in middle east 17 million dollar.

Katerina Yasakova

2d artist , Uni-Bit Studio

Artist-animalist, engaged in illustration, advertising covers for games, does concept design of characters, and also write their full characteristic. Сreate author’s worlds, write stories on fantasy themes.



Denis Rutkowski

Art Director, Artcore Studios llc

In the gaming industry for more than 10 years, managed to take part in such projects as Stalker: Call of Pripyat, Crysis 2/3, Batman Arkham Knight and many others.

Dimitri Sigov

Community manager, OnsetGame

Mobile marketing expert and enthusiast. Worked in different gaming and advertising companies. Interests: snowboarding, linguistics, remarkable mobile games.

Liolyk Truskov

Brand Evangelist, Playrix

Has been in the gaming industry for 13 years. He did almost everything from hardcore browser games to casual social games.

Evgeniy Safonov

Agile Product Owner, NetEnt

Have 6 years of experience in Gaming industry – and all this time grew in one company – NetEnt…yes, there is small detail – it is Gambling industry. Some game developers undervalue this type of games, but after years of work it become understand that artists, programmers and QAs find lot of fun in creating casino products. Interested in Agile methodology and will be eager to tell about unusual mix of Scrum and Gambling.

Anton Kolesnyk

Editor in Chief, Technical Communication Officer Plarium

A qualified Technical Writer and Editor with over seven years of experience in writing, editing, and proofreading for a number of global companies around the world. His professional expertise encompasses delivering high-quality products following the industry best practices, latest trends, and main publication style manuals.

Solid analytical skills paired with the sharp mind allow me to seek out various approaches and make decisions that deliver top-notch solutions aligned with the customer’s expectations and needs. He is also a keen team player capable of taking the initiative and setting up collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Having spent more than four years in an English-speaking environment,  acquired an outstanding command of English and built fluent interpersonal and intercultural skills. Hold Master’s Degree in Linguistics, studied technical writing in London, and constantly evolve by taking additional courses and trainings.

Michael Haberl

CEO&Founder, Xendex/Playades

Michael started mobile games publisher Xendex in 2001, having studios in Austria, Poland, India (70 people) after raising EUR 4m VC in 2008. He won clients like Glu, Sony, THQ, Konami, Red Bull, Disney, Kiloo, BandaiNamco, Taito, Digital Chocolate. In recent years Xendex acted as major mobile games provider to EA Mobile for worldwide 3rd party stores (outside Apple/Google).

Igor Pashchenko

Client Partner, Global Gaming, Facebook

Igor Pashchenko consults gaming partners on Facebook marketing strategies and leads new business development across EMEA & CIS. Before joining Facebook, Igor worked at Google and developed strategic partnerships with app and game developers.

Grzegorz Mazur

Co-Boss / Technical Director, Vile Monarch

Programmer. Information Technology graduate at Warsaw University of Technology. Currently Co-Boss and Technical Director at Vile Monarch. Previously worked for 11 bit studios where he was Lead Programmer of This War of Mine and Sleepwalker`s Journey. Specialized in gameplay and AI programming. Teacher at Warsaw Film School and Academy of Games and Post-Production. Amateur musician and board games enthusiast.

Alexandra Radchenko

Head of research department, Playtestix

Fond of games and playtests analytics. Portfolio includes more than 100 projects, worldwide market. Experience includes PhD articles, marketing researches, business strategic planning, target audience and user research.

Vlad Plotnikov

Founder/Music Composer/Producer, VP Production

Composer, sound designer and founder of VP Production studio. Has 7 years of experience in the audio industry. His VP Production studio provides services for creating sound effects, composing songs, integrating audio content, and working with voice-over speakers.

Ressa Schwarzwald

Audio producer, TinyBuild

In the industry since 2009, voiced a lot of casual and several other projects. Writes a clingy music, sounds, do magic.

Karen Sawrey

Cossack Labs

Musician and technical writer. Believes that sounds carry as much meaning as words.

Vasiliy Filatov

CEO, Sound Designer, Composer, SoundDesigner.PRO

Sound Designer, Composer, Lecturer. Founder of Sound Design Institute and SoundDesigner.PRO studio. Shaping the audio world for Mercedes, YotaPhone, Sberbank, Sila Sveta.

Andrey Romanenko

Official Ableton Endorser, Real Music

The founder of the studio RASoundscapes Andrey Romanenko today has in his active about ten articles published on Abletunes.com, Producerspot.com and Audiomodern.com.
His first release was released in 2016 as part of the 50th jubilee compilation of the label Offworldrecordings (UK, intelligent dnb), which was the result of almost 10 years of work.
Today, postponing EDM for a while, Andrei works with dozens of students from around the world, while continuing to work on sound design for the Ukrainian gaming industry, and also actively participates in the development of projects such as Strangelines, Imaginando and Isotonic.
In 2017 he became the official endorser of the Ableton brand in Ukraine.

Tsahi Liberman

VP Foreign Affairs, GameIS

Tsahi is involved in the gaming industry for over 13 years, creating educational games for children for the grandest global companies in the world, such as Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC, PBS kids, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street, Tabtale, Compedia, and many more.

Tsahi is also a part of GameIS’ core team, the Israeli game developers association, managing the content for conferences and the international relations between Israel and other international gaming industries.
He is also involved in creating interactive activities and games for diversity, whether it is the representation of women in games, peace through gaming, or educational games for Syrian refugees.
Additionally, Tsahi is the Headmaster of the 3-year Game Design and Development program in Tiltan College, Haifa. He is also the Head of Funnel Entertainment, developing various projects ranging from a Bitcoin/Etherium supported game platform, through games for Xbox, mobile, Facebook instant messenger, and AR/VR projects.

Semen Frish

VR Engineer, Softserve

Have developed his first game for ZX Spectrum console when he was 12 years old. One of the first Ukrainian flash developers, keynote speaker and host of UAFPUG, speaker on FlashGAMM, Lviv GameDev, GameMixer and De:coded conferences, contributor to Gamasutra. Have been developing games for living since 2005, solely coded 31 games client part on ActionScript in about a year while managing a team of 6 people.
Any technology is based on core knowledge and he know advanced kung fu of Math, Physics, Computer Science and Engineering.
Has built a lot of games from pencils to pixels as game developer/programmer, game designer, tech lead, R&D manager and project manager/producer. It was browser flash based games driven with server side mostly casino, standalone client based games for browser, mobile iOS/Android and social for Facebook code and text based. Now it’s 10+ years of experience with gamedev mostly cross-platform on Flash/Flex/AIR, JavaScript, Unity3D/C#, Unreal Engine/C++.
Waiting for Virtual Reality era to come since 1997 VX-1 Helmet and Descent 2 game. Now it’s a time of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality to take leading positions and he is working on VR R&D projects to make it happen faster, developed demos for Oculus Rift on PC, Google Cardboard on iOS and Samsung GearVR on Android with Unity C# and Unreal Engine C++ for Oculus Rift and worked on kind of AAA game for VR. He has got featured on Gamasutra’s main page with Virtual Reality for Developers and Engineers post and got 92% upvotes in r/gamedev on reddit.
Now hi is all in R&D to support innovations and immersive tech, used to make miracles, impossible is just that nobody has done yet.

Ivan Kovalov

Indie Developer, G30

Musician, designer, Front-end developer and of course Indie Game Developer.
Starting work a year ago on his first game project, Ivan proved that you are able to create quality games alone.

Olli Sinerma

FIVR, Managing Director

Game industry insider for 15 years, VR gaming entrepreneur pioneer, chairman of the Finnish VR/AR association, mentor at Nordic VR Startups, giver of free office spaces & computers and the father of dragons. Also a big fan of Game of Thrones and scifi.

Denis Dybsky

Marketing Director, Teslasuit

Denis Dybsky is marketing strategy professional who facilitates well-planned and cost-effective marketing strategies at Teslasuit, a startup creating full-body smart clothing with built-in haptic feedback, motion capture, climate control and biometric systems.

Niko Rantala


Финансовый директор Mindfield Games, основатель и финансовый директор FIVR, профессиональный бизнесмен в игровой индустрии, предприниматель с акцентом на финансах.

Artem Kachanovsky

4 i Lab, Lead Programmer

Senior programmer in the studio 4 i Lab. Development of mechanics, optimization, integration, porting and prototyping, as well as putting on and taking off the helmet of virtual reality is a short list of daily tasks.

Evgeny Shegal

Software Engineer, Frag Labs

10 years expirience as a software engineer, 5 years in game development. Worked for: Crytek, FragLab.

Anna Grigorieva

CEO, Scream School

CEO at Scream School.

Elena Bugakova

Co-founder, arpu.guru

More than 10 years in geymdev, managed to work on more than 10 projects on different platforms in total. Including participated in the development of Allods Online and Hidden city: Mystery of Shadows. Now she is engaged in the project arpu.guru (audit and maintenance of game projects).

Pavlo Oliinyk

Associate QC Lead, Ubisoft

He’s a part of the great QC team in Ubisoft Kiev – part of the world’s biggest game developing and publishing company. As Associate QC Lead he’s taking part in quality verifying of PC AAA games. Previously was employed as Software test Engineer and have a strong experience in QC basics for Front-End and Back-End testing.

Vineeth Sethu

Executive Producer Games “Angry Birds 2″, Rovio Entertainment Corporation

With over 18 years of industry experience, has a proven track record of leading game development teams across multiple platforms and delivering strong product and financial KPIs. At Rovio, has worked as the Product Lead for Angry Birds and Angry Birds 2. Prio to Rovio worked at EA/Playfish as the EP for “Pet Society” and “The Sims Social”.


Vasily Sabirov

Lead Analyst, devtodev

Seven years in gaming analytics. He likes to dig into the gaming economy to find its bottlenecks and growth points. He helped dozens of projects to start living better, increasing their income.

Alexander Shtachenko

Lead Product Manager at ILOGOS

Alexander Shtachenko is a game producer with experience in a product company, gamedev outsourcing and a game start-up. Alex has his professional blog progamedev.net

Alexander will tell you about which KPIs are considered to be good and which are bad. Why one game has better indicators than other. How to choose the right feature set, in conditions of limited opportunities and unlimited needs.

Kacper Niepokólczycki

Acting Lead Environment Artist at CD PROJEKT RED

Kacper is an Acting Lead Environment Artist at CD PROJEKT RED. Currently working on Cyberpunk 2077. Before worked on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the final expansion — Blood and Wine. In past collaborated with The Farm 51 on titles like Painkiller HD, Deadfall Adventures and Get Even. He is a passionate gamer, with over 6 years of experience in game development.

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