In the course of providing the event, Games Gathering shall be obliged:

  • To take all possible actions to provide the maximum comfort for all event participants;
  • To provide all technics required for the event;
  • In case of any schedule changes or other changes in the event format – to inform participants in a due time (required for adjustment of participants plans);
  • To provide any phone, e-mail or other consultations regarding the event;

Financial terms of the Games  Gathering Conference

  • Since the moment of ticket purchase you shall become the Conference participant;
  • In case you would not be able to visit the conference you shall be able to request payment refund not later than 12 calendar days before the Conference start;
  • The payment refund shall be provided withholding banking fees, tax fees and other conducted payments (printing products etc.) (this usually amounts to 11-12 per cent);
  • You can re-assign your ticket without any financial withholds to the other person at any time. To make it you should inform the Games Gathering contact persons via e-mail or by phone not later than 72 hours before the Conference beginning;
  • You are not able to refuse the battle already purchased in the ticket, or reduce the type of ticket (From Premium to Standard) and request the return of the price difference;
  • If you want to purchase participation in a battle to an existing ticket or raise the type of ticket (from Standard to Premium) - write to us at and we will try to solve this problem if we have free employees;
  • Early Bird Tickets (purchased before September 30, 2018) aren't refundable.

Personal data:

According to the Law of Ukraine “On personal data protection” dated 1 June 2010 No. 2297-VI, you approve hereof that you are aware that your personal data are included to the personal datapase of Games Gathering (Kyiv, Lypynskogo 13 str.) and are processed with the automated system on electronic and paper holders and hereby you approve your personal data processing aimed at fulfillment by the Games Gathering its obligations hereunder.

This approval shall be valid during 20 years. At the end of this period or by your request at any time, the Games Gathering shall be obliged  to delete your personal data.

By making payment for the ticket on the Games Gathering Conference you approve that you are aware of the official offer terms, placement of the personal database, its purpose, name and terms of transfer of your personal data to third parties and approve mentioned offer.

Any relations between the Games Gathering and Conference participants shall be governed by the applicable Ukrainian law.


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