Indie Blast

Are you an indie developer and have an interesting project?
Then Indie Blast is a great opportunity to demonstrate your game on your personal booth!

What is Indie Blast?
Indie Blast is an exhibition for indie projects where different teams can get their mini-booths and opportunity to present their game to the public and media. Your can also attract the attention of publishers and investors, get a feedback from players and colleagues, take a part in the nominations of the Indie Blast Awards and of course expand your business network.

How to participate in the Indie Blast?

  • Fill in the application form on time,
  • wait for confirmation of the application from the indie coordinator (within 3 days)
  • and buy a ticket for the conference (Standard or Premium).



Confirmed application and purchased ticket guarantee a booth for participation at Indie Blast for one day for a team. Priority in choosing the booth and the day of the exposition is given to the teams who sent the application earlier. The sooner you apply, the more chances you’ll have in choosing the best place for your booth and day of exposure. Booths map will be updated while filling. Application deadline is November 16, 2018.

What is the Indie Blast Awards? 

Indie Blast Awards is a competition of game projects in a various categories and it's held among the participants of the Indie Blast exhibition. According to the opinion of the professional industry jury the best projects will win in several nominations and get valuable prizes from organizers and sponsors.

How to participate in the Indie Blast Awards?

  • Fill in the application form on time,
  • wait for confirmation of the application from the indie coordinator (within 3 days)
  • and buy a ticket for the conference (Standard or Premium).



Rates in all nominations are submitted by a remote jury. To get the rate from jury, all playable demo games should be sent till November 16, 2018. Confirmed application and purchased tickets guarantee the team participation in the Indie Blast Awards. It is crucial to be present at your booth on the day of your project exposition. Prizes are awarded on the last day of the conference during the Closing Ceremony. In case of absence of the winning team members, the prize will be awarded to the next nominee.

Deadlines for project submission:

Till November 16, 2018 the team should:  

  • submit a preliminary application for participation in the conference. You have to send all the data for your project and buy tickets.
  • send the final version of the project, which will be evaluated by the jury.

Our Prizes

The best projects will be aworded with prizes and memorable gifts frome organizators of the Games Gathering 2018 conference in following nominations:


The true masters, that were at the very beginning of the gaming industry from Epiс Games, will select the best game created on Unreal Engine 4 to award the winning team of developers.

Be sure – it will be Epic!

The Games Academy team will choose the best project among all indie teams and will present a certificate for 3 months of training in GAMES ACADEMY in any of the directions.

Games Academy was founded in 2015, as the first integrated game development school in Ukraine.

Over the course of our work, we have released more than 270 beginners in various fields: from game design to 3D modeling. Our diligent graduates have found their first job in a new profession in such companies as Ubisoft, 4A Games, ERS Games Studios, Grandma Studios, Kevuru Games, Enixan, Red Beat, Game Fiord and others, as well as numerous freelance and indie projects.

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