ARVI VR game zone

Adore multiplayer MOBA games? Consider yourself as a Tower Defense strategist? Want to get excited?
ARVI offers not just enjoying different games at your PC display, but immersing in the virtual reality of these universes!


Metro Exodus game zone!

4A Games are pleased to announce that the demo of Metro Exodus will be available for hands-on play at Games Gathering!


Gaming domes for headset-free 360° entertainment

Enjoy full immersion without VR headsets in gaming domes by Front Pictures at Games Gathering 2018. 2D and 3D shooters and simulators will be available on horizontal and vertical spherical displays.

The image on a dome or sphere is created by several projectors, which are seamlessly stitched together with the help of automatic calibration software. Until recently, these systems were used mainly in simulators and astronomic visualizations. Consequently, they were expensive and were based on closed architectures.

Front Pictures has created an affordable multi-projection technology with an open architecture for screens of any form and size. They can be used in museums, amusement parks, and even at home. We provide developers with an SDK which includes plugins and demo-projects for popular game engines. Our platform allows users to easily adapt projects that were created for Unreal® Engine 4, Unity®, CryEngine®, and TouchDesigner®. We can also integrate other game engines or platforms on demand.

Front Pictures is a leader in Ukraine’s fulldome technology market. The company has installed more than 150 multi-projector systems all over the world.

Join the 360° entertainment revolution now!


Career Wall

In case you are searching for talented employees at the conference, than placing your openings on the Career Wall is a must!

Games Gathering’s HR Partner VALUES VALUE company will help you with placing your ads and will advise all candidates who will become interested in your offers.
Please contact us at to submit your entries.

We want your hunting at the Conference to be successful so we have prepared some recommendations on effective vacancy ads composing. You will also find key ad requirements there.

One vacancy price is $50.

Our sponsors are allowed to place a number of vacancies for free (quantity depends on the sponsor package).


Wacom Draw Zone returns to Games Gathering

In the Wacom demo zone you can try all of the current Wacom product lineup designed for artists and designers: the new Cintiq Pro 13” and Cintiq Pro 16” pen displays, the MobileStudio Pro tablet computer, as well as graphic tablets Intuos Pro for professionals and new line of Intuos tablets for beginners.

To find Wacom Draw Zone just follow the cosplay show cast girls, who will impersonate characters for the traditional drawing contest. The terms for the participants is simple: choose any Wacom device you like and in 30 minutes draw a female game character on it, inspired by the cosplay girls impersonations. And this year there will be two winners! The prizes are graphic tablets from the new line: Intuos Small with Bluetooth for the first place and Intuos Small for the second.


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